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Property Management For Rentals in Mijas Frequently Asked Questions

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Selecting HomeCare Property Management means your Mijas property is well looked after when you're not there. As the leading rental property management company in Mijas, you can relax while we deliver the best service in maintaining your home.

HomeCare Property Management prides itself on ensuring your home in Mijas is well maintained and always ready for your return. Additionally, we offer the possibility to rent out your home in Mijas and generate income. By signing up for our property management services, these offerings are made easy and convenient, as we take care of your home and organize everything needed to rent it out.

Here at HomeCare Property Management we have the marketing resources to reach a wide audience, enabling us to promote your property in an effective manner, giving you peace of mind.

Mijas is more popular than ever with tourists and holiday makers. From blissful sunshine to rich culture, it comes as no surprise that Mijas is increasingly fashionable for those searching for their next retreat. With more and more of these visitors migrating towards self-catering options, HomeCare Property Management offer the opportunity for your property to provide a holiday for the whole family under one roof.

"We have been given very good service by your company and staff. They are polite, efficient and try to resolve issues without much fuss. Before we subscribed to you we tried two other agents. Their fees were not much lower but their service was very much inferior. In fact, yours is the first company on the Costa del Sol we have come across which has a similar work ethos as in the UK, which is very reassuring for us. Do pass on our thanks to all your team members who have helped us now and in the past." - Sangeerta, Kettleby

Property Management For Rentals in Mijas FAQ

Q. How much rental income can I expect to earn if you manage my property?

A. All homes are different, it depends on location, size and facilities, therefore, the best thing to do is contact our sales team and speak with them direct. Our property management company will find the best way to maximise your rental income whilst also ensuring your home in Mijas is cared for.

Q. Is there a guaranteed income if you rent out my property?

A. Due to the nature of our work, although we cannot guarantee an income, we can guarantee that as long as you make your property presentable and available during the busy periods, it is strongly likely that your property will be rented out.

Q. If we do not get bookings what then regarding our annual fee?

A. Our annual fee for property management is to take care of your property and inspect it a number of times as well as handle any other issues that might arise. This is not based on whether you get bookings or not. If for some reason that you aren’t getting enough bookings we would discuss the price you have it at with you, and/or any additional equipment in the property that might benefit it, such as Wi-Fi or satellite tv, etc.

Q. What are the key benefits of using HomeCare Property Management to manage my property for rentals?

A. HomeCare Property Management have been operating since 2003 with owners returning year after year. We maintain the highest professional standard in all the work we carry out, from the cleaning to maintenance to our sales team. We also have an online password security protected system for our owners to use to stay in the loop about rentals and maintenance occurring at their property in Mijas.

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Q. How likely is my property to be fully booked?

A. All our properties that we manage for rentals are different, but generally properties that are modern, well kept, and in a good location with all necessary facilities, are booked on a regular basis.

Q. Is there a set amount of weeks with guaranteed bookings?

A. Generally like most holiday seasons, the busier periods revolve around school holidays, Christmas and summer seasons. On our property management website you can see the busiest bookings by looking at other properties' availability.

Q. Will I be paid per booking, per guest or an annual amount?

A. Our property management system works by booking. Each booking will have a certain amount of guests, the more guests, the more they pay for linen and bills, which covers the extra usage of those items.

Property Management For Rentals in Mijas FAQ Summary

Opting for HomeCare Property Management means your property in Mijas is well maintained during your absence, letting you relax with excellent home care services. Additionally, we provide rental services to earn you income and employ our broad marketing resources to effectively promote your property.